Kyle Ekema Brush Cutting Mowing and Property Management Services

Brush Removal 400x400Northwest Washington Brush Cutting and Clearing Services

– Land Clearing / Brush Management

The bread and butter of our company. NW All Terrain offers full-scale land clearing services with the option of grinding green waste (brush/trees/stumps) on site. This finished product (mulch) can be reused on site for erosion control purposes or for later use in the finished landscape. On site grinding can also be offered to customers that require additional clean up from previous logging and clearing activity from another contractor.

Our land clearing services are available year round with economical, flexible and budget friendly pricing.

Heavy-duty modern equipment allows for highly productive land clearing and brush mulching.
Compact equipment is also available to serve customers with space and weight restrictions (perfect for small parcel homeowners).

Our brush management services include yearly, monthly or weekly scheduling for mowing or mulching services on a repeating basis. We work closely with our customers and their needs to determine the best maintenance plan that fits their budget.

Mulching attachments for tracked loaders and excavators allow for easy access to a variety of terrain for environmentally friendly low impact clearing and mulching operations. Mulching attachments mulch small to large material (up 10 inch diameter trees) leaving a clean park like setting for your property.

These machines are perfect for right of way maintenance customers, land owners, property managers, and for selective clearing sites where environmentally friendly techniques are priority.

Our goal is to minimize the impact of our operations as much as possible to the surrounding ecosystem to ensure the continued growth of our forests, wetlands, streams, rivers and lakes.

Customers that would benefit from our services:

Utility Companies (PSE, PUD, SCL, various water districts)
Railway Companies (BNSF)
State and Local Municipalities (WSDOT, WDFW, WDNR, Counties, Cities)
Federal Customers (U.S. Forest Service)
Property Managers
Private Land Owners (homeowners)
Homeowners Associations
Logging Companies
Habitat Managers

Examples of our land clearing and brush management capabilities:

Lot Clearing
New Development Clearing
Clearing For Road Construction
Right Of Way (ROW) Clearing & Maintenance
Property Line Maintenance (Clearing/Mulching)
Retention Pond Mowing/Mulching
Field Mowing
On Site Grinding (trees/stumps/woody mass)
Municipal and DOT Vegetation Clearing
Vegetation & Forest Management
Undergrowth Mulching or Removal
Land Reclamation
Forest Fire Prevention Measures (clearing/mulching)
Plantation & Nursery Brush Maintenance
Invasive Vegetation Removal (e.g. blackberries, scotch broom)